About Us


Jimmy had a vision: to spread self-esteem and happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colorful design piece. Years ago, underwear was just underwear. White, gray and black pieces of textile that were nowhere close to the fashionable and creative design pieces they could become. Now this is all about to change.

Trendies around the world

In late 2020, Jimmy Trendy expanded our shipping capabilities for our products to make it possible to reach every continent of the world, and we have.  With amazing visions all around the world, and throughout the US from LA to NYC, Trendies can be sent to you anywhere around the globe and you can find all of our designs at www.jimmytrendy.com

Jimmy Trendy is a high-quality underwear that combines unique designs and fabrics. One of the most colorful and comfortable garments in the underwear market for men. This concept is now brought to life by trendies talented team of creatives.


Our in-house designer is the same owner of this idea, he gathers inspiration from around the globe to create original and colorful designs for every season.From watermelons to koala trendies, he designs unique patterns that you wouldn't find elsewhere!


Our trendies are manufactured using premium quality combed poliestyer and spandex. By combing the breathable poliestyer fibers, the design and the spandex results in some exceptionally comfortable trendies.

Production process

While most briefs and boxers are made in plain colors, the poliestyer is not 100% assured. As the percentage of poliestyer increases, garments become softer, denser and more durable. For this reason, Jimmy Trendy guarantees all 100% natural poliestyer, for a perfect cutting and assembly process.

Quality Control

All of our trendies are manually inspected one by one before shipping to our clients